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Matthew Zinman, Founder (Click for full size image)

Internship Productivity Study Capsule (pdf, 112k)
Position Brief on Making Internships Mandatory for Graduation (pdf, 240k)
Internships = Workforce Readiness (pdf, 456k)

Greentree Gazette columns by Matthew Zinman

07.07: Northeastern (pdf, 368k)
09.07: Rutgers (pdf, 220k)
11.07: Career Readiness (pdf, 368k)
03.08: Stonybrook (pdf, 340k)

NOTE: The Greentree Gazette is the business magazine of higher education (circ. 45,000+) and is widely read by presidents, provosts, deans, department heads, esteemed faculty and career centers nationwide.

Visit Matthew's blog at www.InternGURU.com.


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