Employer Education & Screening Assessment

Internships 101 is what we call the first 10 minutes of The Blueprint for Internship Success video. Among many things, employers and supervisors can learn more about establishing program goals, overcoming the Five Myths of Internships, the Intern Productivity-Time Paradigm, and putting commitment into action.

Employer Education Series has 3 parts: The Value of Having Interns, a capsule of The Intern Productivity study about how a single supervisor can gain up to 225 full work days of productivity/year, and sample content from our Real Work Interns Can Do resources.  

Is an Internship Program Right for You? Find out in a matter of minutes with The Internship Institute Value-Feasibility Assessment. Your responses to 20 “quick-click” questions that apply our internship insights to both qualify the feasibility and quantify the value for businesses to have an internship program. Some factors are naturally more critical than others, so our scoring process involves a weighted algorithm to optimize accuracy.

Reports and Relevant Articles

Are They Really Ready to Work?
Led by The Conference Board, this 64-page report (09.06) gives employers perspectives on the basic knowledge and applied skills of new entrants to the 21st century workforce.

America’s Dynamic Workforce
From the U.S. Department of Labor (08.07), this 55-page report presents current conditions and notable trends affecting the American labor market and economic activity.

Best Practices in Talent Management
Published by Workforce Management, this 9-page supplement features a variety of case studies.

Recruiting and Managing the Generations
Prepared by NAS Recruitment Communications, this 15-page white paper (2007), profiles generational distinctions in relation to onboarding.

A Portrait of Generation Next
From the Pew Research Center, this 45-page study (2006) reviews how young people view their lives, future and politics.

Work and Young Adults
Prepared by Michigan State University, this 15-page white paper (05.07) shares perspectives on how emerging professional view the work world.

Quality of Hire: The Next Edge in Corporate Performance
This 34-page white paper published by Taleo (2004), discusses analytics and strategies for global workforces and reviews related processes.

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